Besides daily hunger and physical danger, what does being homeless really do to a woman? According to Christine, a Mission guest, being homeless “takes a toll on your soul.” Like many women who are homeless or at-risk who have spent time living on Tulsa’s streets, Christine knows what it means to be beaten down by the world; to go days without a shower and fresh clothes. Makeup and nice looking hair? Forget about it.

“When a woman is living on the streets, it’s all about day to day survival, finding food, shelter and avoiding things like sexual assault,” says Alyssa Boyd, Director of John 3:16 Mission’s Women’s Ministry. The Mission offers a day program for women who are homeless, as well as a more comprehensive, Christian-based recovery program. Women get help finding housing, employment, and medical care, too. And, once a year, they get a day at the spa through the Mission’s Women’s Day of Beauty.

This year’s Day of Beauty was held May 8 at the Mission’s Refuge facility. More than 40 women who are homeless or at-risk attended the event and received complete makeovers including hairstyling, mani-pedis, clothing and jewelry, a meal and a glamour shot. All services were provided by Mission volunteers who donated their time and professional expertise.

“This is our way of giving the ladies some relief from the streets and to show them that we love them and that in spite of their circumstances they can be beautiful inside and out,” Boyd says. John 3:16 Mission sincerely thanks all the volunteers who donated their time, service and expertise to make the Day of Beauty a truly beautiful event for so many vulnerable women.


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